Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Chippendales for kids

We saw a weird performance with the 5th graders the other day at the big theatre in Walnut Creek... It was a say no to drugs theme and they had a drug dealer on stage (pothead type guy on a cell phone saying to this woman, "hey baby, wanna party?") Suddenly he's surrounded by eight motorcycles on a darkened stage, lights flashing, and then the swat team comes down from the ceiling. Music going, kids clapping -- everything but the stripping.

I loved the part where Officer Wallace's 4 year daughter came onto stage during the show and kicked the drug dealer while he was on his stomach, handcuffed on the floor.

It was all quite entertaining, but then gears were shifted, and kids were called on stage.... "character counts" essays were read, and so on....

According to those sweet little eleven year olds, they will never be buying pot, or doing drugs, EVER....:-)