Saturday, August 06, 2005

500 Crazy Women

Last night I attended the "Cal Football Women's Huddle," an event held at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley for football wives. I think they called it Football 101. I initally agreed to sign up for this as a marital bonding sort of gesture (Peter LIVES for Cal Football), but I heard they were serving appetizers and wine so I figured how bad could it be?

As I was walking onto to the football field with my plastic cup of red wine, a lady commented to me that it isn't very often that you can walk on to the field, let alone with wine.

So first off, they divided us up into different groups to do some stations. I ended up as a Miami Dolphin, which is funny, since I used to love the Dolphins. When I was a kid, my brother loved football - football pencils, football cards, you name it. Since I had no other siblings I had no choice but to bond with him on some level. So, when he asked me to pick my favorite teams I chose the Miami Dolphins and the Baltimore Colts. Why? Well everyone knows that girls love horses and cute dolphins.... Anyhow, so I ran into the screaming mass of women (everyone had too much wine at this point) that would be my group for the next hour and a half.

We proceeded along through our 17 stations, unfortunately not learning too much about football. We only had about 5 minutes to hear about, for example, an "offensive lineman," and then try to get 30 women to do what an offensive lineman does. I still actually have no idea!

Some of the funny highlights for me: 1) Trying to first, stand a football upright (I never successfully did it by myself) onto that little football stand, and then next, trying to kick it thru the goalpost. Oh- did I mention I noticed Peter and the boys were in the stadium videotaping me? 2) Getting to see the Cal players' locker room, knowing that Peter, in his whole life, will never get to see that, and I get to just because I don't know anything about football. 3) I actually won something at the raffle drawing, but was too surprised about winning to consider kissing the head coach as some of the previous raffle winners did.

So, all in all, it was a very fun evening. I still need to learn a bunch of stuff about football, but I did teach Peter something he didn't know! Something about it being illegal to leap onto your fellow teammate while trying to block a fieldgoal. Who would have figured that? :-)